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Machining Industry
Tungsten carbide products are widely used in the maching industry as cutting tools such as milling cutters, turning tools, boring tools. They are used to cut cast iron, non-ferrous metals, plastics, chemical fibers, graphite, glass, stone and common steel and other difficult machining materials.
Mining Industry
Chinese mining industry develops rapidly in recent years which increases the demand for mining tools. Tungsten carbide buttons,cutters and other drilling products are widely used in the mining industry.
Petroleum Exploitation Industry
As the difficulty of extracting oil is increasing, tungsten carbide sealing rings, stop rings,sleeves, bushings, nozzles, valves&seats, carbide bits and other products are widely used in oil-mining equipment industry for the features of high hardness, excellent abrasion-resistance performance.
Environmental Protection Industry
Decanter centrifuges are widely used in the environmental protection industry for the feature of compact structure, smooth running, high adaptability and convenient maintenance.
Company profile
Sichuan Yi Ran new material technology limited company is one of the best carbide suppliers, who engages in research and production of carbide. It is a national high and new technology company who integrates research, production, domestic and foreign sales and deep processing, and it has profound technical capability and advanced production technology and production equipment.
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