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Sichuan YR Celebrated the Chinese New Year of 2024

2024-01-30 12:00 Company News

As the Spring Festival(Chinese New Year) is coming, Sichuan YR held a great party to celebrate the most important Chinese traditional festival in advance. Hongbao, which means some cash in a small pocket, as a lucky gift in Chinese traditional culture, were handed out to every YR member. The employees participated in 10 games with great joy.

2024年会1.jpg2024年会2.jpg2024年会3.jpg2024年会4.jpg2024年会5.jpg2024年会6.jpg2024年会7.jpgThe CEO, Mr. Luo expressed his blessing to all the employees.

2024年会8.jpgOutstanding employees and departments were rewarded.

2024年会10.jpgLucky fellows of the party

2024年会11.jpgHave dinner together is also one important ceremony of the Spring Festival.


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