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Sichuan YR conducted special training sessions on cemented carbide and enterprise products

2019-04-09 12:00 Company News

2 pm on April 8, the company’s General Department has organized the heads of unit, key staffs and new employees to participate the special training session hosted by chairman about basic knowledge of cemented carbide and product development.


Firstly, the chairman explained the history and main application of cemented carbide industry. He combined current economic situation with industrial development trend to analyze the development direction of cemented carbide industry in the future.

1555663759170.jpg  1555663788293.jpg

Chairman was emphasized two advantages according to our own path of development—Brand innovation and Comprehensive processing capabilities. Integrating internal and external environment, he has described the way of development thinking as well as company’s advancement direction.


Finally, chairman stressed that our goal of development is to strengthen the company through team collaboration and endeavor. Meanwhile, he also put forward a goal of” Harmoniously progress together, Race to the top”, and to achieve the goal of creating the excellent profits by constructing a first rank team and manufacturing top products.

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